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Oil pulling experiment – Update

Update: see below

I have been reading some pretty good experiences about oil pulling – so I have decided to try it for myself.

Actually, at this very moment I am swirling 1 tablespoon of flax seed oil in my mouth. So I decided to do something to pass the time, because I am supposed to do this for about 15 minutes… What better way to do that than to write a blogpost!

oil pulling or oil swishing, is an ancient ayurvedic  simple cost effective natural remedy  procedure that involves pulling or swishing oil in the mouth for oral and systemic health benefits. It is mentioned in the Ayurvedic text Charaka Samhita   where it is called Kavala Gandusha or Kavala Graha  and is claimed to cure about 30 systemic diseases ranging  from headache, migraine to diabetes and asthma.

Oil pulling has risen from an  incomprehensible, ancient  Ayurvedic  natural remedy technique to an  effective self help nature cure  method for restoring and maintaining  overall  health.

Even though the Oilpulling (oil  swishing)  method is extremely simple,  and yet there are many misconceptions about many aspects of it. At oilpulling.com,  We are proud to say that since 2004  we  have educated millions of people in more than 100 countries and most trusted  and comprehensive information on oilpulling on  the internet.

The reason why I do this
After I got my wisdom teeth surgically removed about 3 years ago (when I was 22), I have had tartar build up on my back teeth. Before I have never ever had this, so it is quite strange that it suddenly popped up after I had my wisdom teeth removed. I was about to make a dentist appointment, but then I came along oil pulling online – which says to remove these tartar buildups from teeth. So hey, why not try it? If it doesn’t work I can still go to the dentist.

I read many reviews of people who have done it with great results. Also it was quite surprising to read that many of these people not only had better teeth, but also other health conditions improved, from skin conditions to digestive issues …


According to Dr. Kurich, that this treatment will achieve remarkable results with illnesses like  migraine headaches, bronchitis, diseased teeth, arterio thrombosis, chronic  blood disorders such as leukemia, arthritis and related illnesses, neuro  physiological paralysis, eczema, gastro enteritis, peritonitis, heart disease,  kidney disease, meningitis, and women’s hormonal disorders are completely  eliminated from the organism. The benefit of Dr. Karach’s method is that the oil  therapy heals the whole body in perpetuity. In terminal diseases such as cancer, aids and chronic infections this treatment method has been shown to achieve astonishing results. http://bobm288.hubpages.com/hub/Health_Benefits_of_Oil_Pulling_

Ok 7 minutes in! 8 to go.

It is quite a strange sensation in my mouth. It is like I have to supress the urge to swallow.

How to do it
1. In the morning, take a tablespoon of cold pressed oil (flax seed, sunflower etc…)
2. hold it in for 15-20 minutes
3. swirl it, swish it through and around teeth, under tongue etc…
4. to pass the time, you can for example take a shower, check emails, write a blog, make lunch etc…
5. spit it out, it will look white!
6. rinse your mouth and gorgle water
7. brush teeth

That’s it!

For the video:

And here is the totally free e-book

I will report my results in time, but in the meanwhile read the other people’s results and join the experiment!

And check out

for a world where all people can have decent dental health! Because currently it is a luxury for the rich.

Time to spit it out now! The 15 minutes have passed jipee!


Update: I have been doing oil pulling now for 45 days with only 1 day I skipped it because I was sick.
I used sunflower oil, and did it always when waking up for 15 minutes. Afterwards, my mouth feels clean and i rinse with salt water.

What did I notice? Nothing in particular yet. Except my breasts grew a size. I don’t know if it has anything to do with it, but I also improved my diet (eating more), so it could be linked to that. The rest of my body looks the same, clothing fits the same etc.. I do feel stronger but that is probably because I increased my muscle strenght through exercises.
The calculus on my teeth is still there, but I dont expect it to go away in just a few weeks. I will have it removed by the dentist because I broke of a piece of tooth few days ago because I clench my teeth at night. And the teeth already had cracks because of that, so now a piece broke off… So I made an appointment with the dentist, and also asked him to remove my teeth stone.

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  1. Cool post Ann – btw i just read in ‘De Morgen’ that the government in Belgium is going to be even more strict when it comes to ‘alternative medicine’ as anything that isn’t ‘traditional medical care’ by for instance not making it non tax-reductable. And in the article they even went as far as labeling all of it as ‘mumbo jumbo that only works on the power of suggestion’, basically calling anyone who practice alternative medecine a ‘quack’. So it seems clear that they are almost deliberately trying to discourage and prevent people from doing their own research into what works and what doesn’t through spoon-feeding these judments through the media.

    • Ann says:

      yeah fucked up. They rather seem to want everyone on drugs. Problem? pop a pill. Depressed? get some anti depressants etc…
      Btw De Morgen is pretty Right winged :P My mom once brought it home and we were reading it and I was like: wtf… this is so obviously right winged. So I mostly read Nieuwblad online. Or De standaard

  2. Yogan B says:

    Hi Ann,
    I just tried the oil swish and swirl and i realized that the white byproduct is actually oil that is broken down by our saliva. That doesn’t mean that our mouth isn’t cleaned. However i have doubts that the white indicator is really an indicator of the oil working. Also when i worked with the oil, i had not brushed my teeth yet. My mouth was still plenty dirty. Therefore i suggest brushing one’s teeth before, so that the oil can be most effective in cleaning what is left. I would not use toothpaste, just the brush. Also a little experiment someone could do is first completely cleaning one’s mouth, using whatever methods, and then seeing if oil swishing will cause the oil to turn white, in a clean mouth. If it does, it would suggest the saliva was working to break down the oil. It would not rule out however that the oil cleanses the mouth.
    Have a good day

    Yogan B

    • Ann says:

      Im just sticking to the way people described it that have done it for a long time.
      I am already noticing results, the tartar seems less. But I will report in 2 weeks since this is just day 3

  3. Genevieve says:

    Hah- I just started doing this recently- I don’t really like doing it cause I have this thing about no-oil.. and it’s hard not to swallow I usually HAVE TO dry swallow a little.. Anyways- my lifestyle is always changing so I can never really keep track of things, but after all the positive feedback from people who have done it, it doesn’t hurt to try! I use sesame oil :) Good luck Ann..! BTW: I read your blog about your eating habits throughout your life- and it was very helpful. I did have a comment written out, but my computer died on me- oh well! Your blog is awesome- keep it up!

    • Ann says:

      Thx Genevieve:)
      I think I also swallow a bit of the oil but I don’t mind. I notice no bad side effects at all. You don’t eat oil? I normally don’t add it to food either. But I love nuts, especially peanuts.

      • Genevieve says:

        I don’t anymore! I even started making soups without sauteeing in oil and using broth instead! (Takes longer.) I actually only tried this one time and it will be awhile ’till I do it again since I’m lazy ;) I like some nuts.. haven’t eaten any peanut in awhile because I’m suspicious of them.. :P Walnuts once gave me an energy boost out of this world!

  4. yerumbi venugopal kesavan says:


  5. Kat says:

    I’ve been oil pulling for a few weeks. The most noticeable change so far is that my mouth feels exceptionally clean. I think the process removes tartar and mucous issues. My breath is very fresh and a chipped tooth is feeling very calm. Who knows. Maybe it’s the whole placebo effect concept working for me, but I’m not complaining either way.

  6. Aussie Coco says:

    I started oil pulling just over 6 weeks ago. I was recommended it for my Rheumatoid Arthritis which I have had for over two decades.

    I have come to know what to expect when I fail to take my arthritis drugs. No anti-flammatories lead to pain and restrictive movement within a few days. No Methorexate (mild-chemotherapy) leads to unbearable pain and difficulty with most movement. Mild fatigue quickly becomes overwhelming fatigue as my immune system starts to get back to its normal (overdrive) state.

    I have not taken either drug in this 6 week period and yet have not suffered like I normally would. Some long-standing soft tissue swelling is reducing, my pain is minimal and I have more energy than I have felt in years.

    I did not expect oil pulling to work. I was skeptical and expecting the worst. I will be continuing to see how my arthritis continues to respond to this treatment.

    I have also had an explained 6kg weight loss. I use extra virgin coconut oil.

  7. Sandy says:

    I have been oil pulling on and off for a few years but recently started pulling right before bed and have noticed a huge difference in the tartar build up on my bottom teeth. After a few nights, it is almost gone! I’m not sure how the oil breaks down the tartar but it seems to be doing the job. I never had the same results when I pulled in the morning. I use safflower oil.

    • Andy says:

      thanks for sharing Sandy! did you wait 4 hours after dinner for your OP? or just do it before you go to bed?
      I am just doing my OP for 3 days and still learning from you all.

  8. Pam says:

    I have been oil pulling with coconut oil for 6 weeks. I still cannot make it a full 20 minutes (usually between 10-15) before gagging. I had bad breath that I couldn’t control. Oil pulling leaves my breath with no smell all day. If I skip even one day though my boyfriend notices a smell again.

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