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Those who have the privilege to know, have the duty to act

Maybe if I say this to you right now, you are like: whatever.
What if I was Albert Einstein? You probably won’t give a shit either .

Unless you care.
Which more and more people are beginning to do.

This quote is very true. We, the richer people in this world who have access to libraries, schools, internet etc… have the opportunity and the privilege to know, educate ourselves and gain knowledge on how our system functions. If you educate yourself you will realize that this system is not best for all – not even close. It creates conflict, competition, separation , inequality, war, violence etc…

So many of us for example hear at school the way the world functions and how fucked it is (we do anyway, in university), but still many just sit there, study, do their exam and seem to forget about it. But hello? This is not a fairytale being told that you can just discard. It is the actual reality we live in.

We are at the lucky side of the system, the side of the minority. We do not live in starvation, or in war. We do not live deprived of our basic needs to survive. We are not being recruited to become child soldiers or prostitutes, or forced to labor 18 hours a day making ipods or nike’s. We do not live in a country where there is no decent education etc…
We are the voice, our money is our vote. If we do not go along with the system, it crashes. It depends on our support all the time.

It is crucial to know that YOU, yes you yourself, 1 person, has such a big impact. And that we can all make a difference. And it is totally unacceptable that we allow this system to continue. That we allow so many to be abused because of the structures we have created. It is time for caring individuals to rize up – and not power hungry selfish profit voltures. Because a lot of caring people stay standing numb at the side, which is sad because it are exactly those people that have to stand up and get over their fears, anxiety and depression or whatever, to stand as a voice in this world – a voice for all those who do not have any. You may resist politics, you may resist being “seen”, but what is worse than that is participating in a system of destruction, and not doing a shit because you don’t like the way it makes you feel. These matters of starvation, war, and all forms of abuse are far more important than how we feel.

www.desteni.org www.equalmoney.org

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