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Proven: Anorexia Is a Socially Transmitted Illness

I don’t think we need scientists to tell us this – but it sure helps for people to take a message serious. They studied anorexia and body image and found out that the sociale and cultural environment influences how women feel about their bodies.
This we can easily see in the various culture. You will not feel the same way about your lips in for example these cultures:

We may think: damn, why do you tattoo your lips black and tattoo your chin? Looks like you got a beard. But for them it is considered to be attractive.

So this goes for all things, including the size of our bodies.

The first-ever economic analysis of anorexia, studying nearly 3,000 young women in the UK and the rest of Europe, found that the social and cultural environment influences decisions by young women to starve themselves in search of what they perceive to be an ideal body shape.

This disease of skinnyness at cost of our health – gets transmitted through various forms of media. Not only the professional media, but also through forums and blogs of other girls that are supporting each other in becoming thinner. I am sure you have heard of “thinspiration” and “pro-anna’ websites and blogs. Here girls and woman encourage each other to become anorexic through messages and pictures.

Greater regulation of fashion and advertising imagery would have a great public health benefit. You may ask why they push these images and messages in the first place? Money.

“Government intervention to adjust individual biases in self-image would be justified to curb the spread of a potential epidemic of food disorders,” they write in their paper, to be published in the academic journal Economica later this year.

“The distorted self-perception of women with food disorders and the importance of the peer effects may prompt governments to take action to influence role models and compensate for social pressure on women driving the trade-off between ideal weight and health.”

We drastically need to reshape our entire system. And this is merely one part of it.
Mary Katrantzou is one of many designers who make clothing in tiny sizes, and she is now considering producing her fashion line in sizes up to a U.K 16.

But there is an important factor and that is health. Our current system should stop promoting junk food even if there is a demand for it. It is not good for the people and not for the common good. All it does is raising health care bills. People do not get to enormous sizes out of the blue. If we would focus on creating fashion revolving around big sizes, we could again have a system of consumerism, just for a bigger size. So we have to focus on what is really best for all – and clearly this current system is not.
Currently, the producers of make-up, shampoo, toothpaste, sunscreen, perfumes, moisturizers etc…  only have minimal regulation to live up to. But this is what they like, because in that way they have a lower cost and not as much responsibility.  They also use a lot of money for lobbying: “The overall prestige business was up 12% last year. Makeup was up 10%, skin care was up 15%, and fragrance was up 12%,” said PCPC chair Dan Brestle.
We all know that many of those so called miracle products don’t work. The media is filled with lies for one purpose and one purpose only: get the money out of your pocket.

Make sure you don’t get brainwashed by it, and manipulated. Become your own self-direction. Do not pursuade others to follow the path to destruction (such as the pro anna girls). Your worth as a living being is not decided by your size, so do not let anyone convince you of the contrary.

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