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Hydrogen Peroxide – miracle cure? Reviews and experiences

Hydrogen peroxide has many benefits:

- cleaning fruit and vegetables
- helping plants grow
- teeth cleaning and whitening
- against bad breath
- curing allergies
- stopping infections
- Ending cancer
- combats candida
- overal health boost


These are some of the claims.

For many of these benefits, you require to drink hydrogen peroxide, but NOT in it’s undiluted form. Be careful. You require to buy 35% FOOD GRADE hydrogen peroxide, and mix it with distilled water to get a diluted mixture of 3%.

Only 35% Food Grade hydrogen peroxide is recommended for internal use. At this concentration, however, hydrogen peroxide is a very strong oxidizer and if not diluted, it can be extremely dangerous or even fatal. Any concentrations over 10% can cause neurological reactions and damage to the upper gastrointestinal tract. There have been two known fatalities in children who ingested 27% and 40% concentrations of H202. Recently, a 26 month old female swallowed one mouthful of 35% H202. She immediately began vomiting, followed by fainting and respiratory arrest. Fortunately, she was under emergency room care and although she experienced erosion and bleeding of the stomach and esophagus, she survived the incident. When she was re-examined 12 days later, the areas involved had healed (J Toxicol Clin Toxicol 90;28(1):95-100).

35% Food Grade H202 must be

1) handled carefully (direct contact will burn the skin–immediate flushing with water is recommended).

2) diluted properly before use. 3) stored safely and properly (after making a dilution the remainder should be stored tightly sealed in the freezer).

There is a facebook Hydrogen peroxide group, where users post their experiences. So definitly check it out:


Here are some people’s experiences/review :

“I’ve been trying it for the last week  and noticed some interesting results.  1) No tiredness, no matter when I wake up (5 hours sleep).  No tiredness during the day. 2) You seem less in the mind and more here in awareness.  It seems I am able to express self easier somehow. 3) For the first couple of days there was a couple of small pimples on my face, but they’ve went away, and now my skin feels softer than a week ago. 4) I feel like I have a very low grade cold, with a bit of mucusat the back of my throat, and slight weird things with my stomach, but I still feel good.  A bit of diahreaa the first couple of days, but that’s gone now.  I’m assuming this is the “healing crisis”, where the body purges the cell wall deficient bacteria.All in all, overall well being seems to be improving, which I think is opening up more points to look at ”
Its been just about 2 Weeks and I’ve been increasing dosage by one drop per day.  I’m at 16 drops (35%) per dosage, 2 times per day.  I got what felt like a chest cold and I was hacking up tons of yellow mucus but now its mostly gone.  I have more physical ability in endurance and muscle power.  A greater ability to focus and reason logically in certain stressful work related circumstances.  More overall hereness and little to none lethargic or “tired” energy possessions. I think less dandruff, and softer hair.  Seems easier to see and analyze points.  I will keep going up to a 25 drop dosage and them taper it back. Will keep you posted.”

“Yesterday I put 3% HP in a plastic bag and put my feet in it - the nails came out whitened and the feet with clean h202 odour, feeling good. I used a small new trash plastic bag was because I had 250ml of 3%HP and this way I could put it in contact with my feet easely and without wasting HP. I am using also 3% with my face, it’s going very good. Also toothpaste with 3% and rinsing with 1.5%. And taking 2 drops in a glass of water first thing in the morning (bottled water). SO far, so good.” -Ruben

“I am drinking 5-6 drops of 29% in the morning only. Difficult to adjust time in afternoon and night. Feel more strength, more stignama. Better Lung function. Nails blister, I am 40 but looks like 30. Face is whiter(previously dark brown/yellow). So far so good. Just the taste a little bit awful when taking in high dosage. I guess I’m going to stick with 6 drops for awhile.” -Fred

just did my first spray this morning. almost instantly felt my breathing more and a little energized” – Cody

“I Did a little experiment few days ago with H2o2 – to try and cure a rash that I hade on my feet. I put few{10} drops of H2o2 into bucket with water{2liter} – I used tap water { here in Canarias it isn’t recommended to drink that tap water } AND I place my feet there for half an hour. Voil’a /// That rash is gone and I have been trying to cure it for several months now  with different treatments { creams from pharmacy, etc.} .. H2o2 basicaly cleaned it and it has been already 4 days since – and my feet is ‘Like new’ —- Lol . Cool stuff.” – Marek

“I have been using 3% Hydrogen Peroxide on my face twice a day. Almost all the blemishes on my face are gone or appear to heal faster. I will continue doing this – I am quite satisfied with the result.” -Sabine

“I went up to three times a day 15 drops of 35% in a glass of water. I didn’t go all the way to 25 drops, it felt cool to stop at 15. Since that I take 5 drops every day. Last weekend I didn’t take it and when I started again I felt my body was craving for it. I remembered that my mother would give it to clean my throat when I had caught a cold. I didn’t swallow it, just gargle. I almost caught a cold this weekend and I applied the gargling and it helped. I’m still quite satisfied with H2O2. The freshness in my body.” -Martijn

“I’m at 15 drops per ‘drink’. I’ve been having quite some resistance against the taste and the feeling in my throat and then the overall slight nausea that lasted some minutes. I found a trick, however: I drink the whole glass full on one go and then immediately chew on some bread till there is no taste left in my mouth. I swallow only a little of it for (against) the feeling in my throat, the rest I spit out again. AND THE NAUSEA DOESN’T ARISE ANY MORE! Relief!” -barbara

“i’m a real fan of H2O2 food grade. My 13 yr old dog was on tablets from the vet for rheumatism and her kidneys started giving in. i put 3 drops in her water bowl. Kidneys healed completely and arthritis and rheumatism also completely gone. she’s 14 now and much, much healthier and stronger than 2 yrs ago.” -Wendy

“David from Tampa, FL writes, “I have used food grade H2O for years and if you do spill it on yourself just rinse with water for a few minutes – it will turn your skin white and it is temporary and there is no prolonged damage. Yes, you do have to be careful but not afraid.”

“Yannick from Montreal, Quebec Canada replies: “I tested this because I been having chronic pains for the last 10 years, I had also read that it was amazing for anemia suffers, immune system boosting and since I live in Canada the winter time is filled with long periods of sickness and cold and flu.
I was anemic last year my numbers where at 134 I had all the effects, my medical doctor gave me palafer that fixed everything in 6 months I was back in regular values 150. So last summer I decided to lose weight I then started some intermittent fasting with H202 chart drops per day.
I mixed my H202 in distilled water and took it first thing in the morning. The first few days were not that bad, but when I got into higher dosage 8 and up I started to get a really upset stomach, pains, and even threw up a few times.
I went back to the doctor office in September for my yearly check up and blood test and found out that my anemia had crashed back to 139. I changed the way I took H202 using the spray technic, I came down with a cold 3 weeks ago and decided to use it, stomach pain was intense, I also put some in my nose like suggested and it started to bleed.
I started doing lots of research on H202, being anemic and a man is simply not normal, I have been tested for cancer, HIV and everything came back negative. Doing further reseach I found out that H202 destroys red blood cells and can lead to anemia, it causes corosion in the body, and destroy the intestinal flore.
I never experienced any of the so called benefits of H202 apart from getting sick when taking it. I did not get any hay fever allergy relief, no energy, no fat loss. For me this product is more of a snake oil pitch.
Most medical studies say you can die from it, well unless you ingest huge amount of it and not diluted you might, but I still do believe that there is danger using this.”

“Danielle from Chicago, IL: “Acne Remedies: I tried hydrogen peroxide with the assumption that it was an antiseptic that would aid in killing bacteria, infection, etc. (essentially what pimples are when inflamed). It definitely works. As others recommended, soak a cotton ball and hold for several min. For spot treatment and to avoid overdrying & light eyebrows, I use a q-tip. I will do this 2-3x’s a day. If you have already squeezed or picked, the peroxide will often cause drying, flaking, or scabbing on that pimple so I recommend using baby oil on that spot (overnight). For day, I recommend Eucerin since it heals very dry skin and is non-irritating. I never realized how much dirt is still on your face, even after you thought you washed it well. Witch Hazel is a great toner, after washing. This will remove all excess dirt without overdrying.”

 “Frank, I have been using FGHP (35%) for many years with Raw Apple Cider Vinegar. I am 56 yrs old now and have only great things to say about it, Thanks to God. I started using it at age 30. I had severe joint and back pain at the time. After three months, starting with 3 drops 2 to 3 times daily (FGHP) and 1 Capful of the Cider Vinegar, working up to 25 drops of FGHP 2 to 3 times daily, I’ve had astronomical results. The results were verified by my then girlfriend who was also useing the same program. (1) No more heavy or bad breath, (2) No body odor, (3) You will only need approximately 4 to 5 hours of sleep per day and when you awaken you will be wide awake, not sluggish or groggy. After you reach the 25 drop level you can then taper off. Find the instructions on line. Oh, people think I’m no more than 30-35yrs old! Enjoy.”

 “Hello, I’ve been drinking H202 for about 5 months. I am a 42 yr old male in good health except I’ve injured my low back over the years and several other minor injuries. I had been taking cyclobenzaprene regularly over the past 2 years(mainly for muscle spasms)and medical dose Naproxen regularly, prescribed by my VA Dr. (the VA loves to give out pain pills and are not focused on cures. Whatever costs less. I’m very thankful though that I have this medical resource. )

A friend of mine wrote an ebook on how his father-in-law beat COPD & emphysema in six weeks with h202. This was over 20 years ago and he is still alive also he continued to smoke. This is who I learned of H202 from. I put 15 drops of 35% in 6 oz of apple cider and drink. I first did the drop treatment for six weeks but only once a day. I don’t do it daily even and Wow-I don’t have to take the pills anymore. The achiness and early arthritic soreness in my body that I’ve felt for a number of years is Gone. No more muscle spasms either. Hallelujah”

“Martin from Barrie, Ontario, Canada: “The first time I heard about 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide was during a visit with an old man (84 years), but who walked with the gait of a 20 year old! He credited this to the use of the above-mentioned H2O2.
For the last few years I have been tormented by aches and pains in the lower back that gave me sleepless nights and great difficulty in just getting up out of bed in the mornings. I can not understate this fact…it was getting to the point where I was seriously thinking about having to leave my career.
Anyhow, to make a long story short, the fifth day after taking the hydrogen peroxide program as recommended in the book by Dr. W. Douglass, I woke up to find that I could literally bounce out of bed! I was so happy I had to dance around the bedroom! My back pains are perhaps 50% of what they were before, but at least the joints are pain free now. I’ll continue on the program for some time more, but up to now, this stuff sure has worked like a miracle for me!”

“Gary  from Oakland, Tennessee: “hydrogen peroxide, cancer, and quackwatch
I have used hydrogen peroxide for many things; in particular a very ugly growth on my head that two doctors and one nurse said would kill me if not removed. I used hydrogen peroxide mixed with colloidal silver for 4 months and it has been gone now for 7 years. Previously, I had a growth removed by surgery twice in the identical location, but I think this time it will not return.
Though there are different types of cancer, I believe that generally speaking most cancers do not do well if in an adequate environment of oxygen. I believe also that many diseases, especially cancers, develop when for some reason the body””

“Carol from La Verne, CA: “I’ve been a fan of Earth Clinic’s remedies for a long time. Had success with oil pulling, leaching out fluoride, ACV with baking soda, but one remedy I have to warn against is the oxygen therapy for cancer. I have breast cancer and tried the HBOT (oxygen tank). It was $6,000 for 40 sessions. At the end of these sessions my tumor grew from a large grape size to a large grapefruit size. In addition I tried soaking in Hydrogen Peroxide and taking Bill’s spray. This irritated the tumor and sprouted another tumor in my lymph node area under my arm. Later from a doctor I found out that that a lot of cancer patients using external remedied applied cause the tumors to grow out of the skin and cause other more serious problems. So I just want to warn those of you with cancer to be weary.”

“In an article you state “To quote from the article: “The idea behind ingesting hydrogen peroxide stems from a now-discredited theory that cancer and AIDS thrive on a lack of oxygen in the body.” ….
Upon further investigation I have found studies that discredit the claim that cancer thrives on a lack of oxygen on the body. I reference you to Aisenberg, A. Energy Pathways of Hepatoma No. 5123. Nature 191 pages 1314-1315. 1961.
I would also like to reference you to http://www.quackwatch.org/01QuackeryRelatedTopics/Cancer/oxygen.html
have checked a number of these sources and have found them to be valid. I do not intend to argue the claims of the effectiveness of H2O2 used by some of your subscribers, as it clearly has worked for them. Rather I wish to argue the means by which it is effective. H2O2 is rapidly degraded by normal elements in the body, superoxide dismutase for instance. Any amount of H2O2 taken into the body is quite negligable, and furthermore has no appreciable affect of O2 concentrations in the blood. Tom”

“Cindy from Austin, TX: “My friend who cured his cancer (huge 2 grapefruit tumor in stomach) used food grade h202 in a bath (2 cups per bath) and soaking in it (not eyes) for 20 minutes to infuse vessels with oxygen. this combined with ozone water 2x’s a day, diet and exercise and he has eliminated cancer. Do you know of any other people using Hydrogen peroxide (food grade) this way?”

“George from Melbourne, Australia replies: “Joslyn, I am still not 100 per cent…. I have been to a qualified GP but practices eastern medicine and he seems to think the HP killed off all of the good bacteria in my stomach and lowered my immune system thus why I became sick…… I definitely have not been this sick for at last 15 years….. My personnel view is if you take HP make sure you take a probiotic, don’t take it for a long period of time and take some form of antioxidant…. I will never use this stuff again…. P. S… I have a friend of mine who has been on HP for over 12 months and he swears it is the best thing… No side effects or anything…… Maybe my immune system could not cope with the cleansing process….. I really don’t know…….”

Max from San Jose, Costa Rica replies: “On August last year 08/2008, I comment on how I used H2O2 to treat my synus problem. I would like to add a WARNING: applying the nostril spray continuously came eventually (after many weeks) to be very irritant and my mocus fluids increased, yet still clear. So I have discontinued the nasal spray that way. At least the spray got rid of my sinus infection at the beggining of the treatment, I am sure. Therefore I will recommend the nasal spray as I did only to clean yr sinus, one time, using the spray mix for only 2 to 4 weeks and stop. Now, I am taking several drops of Food Grade peroxide in fresh coconut water (abt 8 oz in a nut) daily instead, as a preventive way to help my inmune system against any potential illness. You never know!

Sarah from Baltimore. MD, USA: “My husband had been struggling with a sinus infection, he started taking 5 drops of hydrogen peroxide in a glass of water a couple times a day. The second day we doubled the dose and a few minutes later a ball of disgustingly yellow and green mucus came out flying from his mouth… I mean flying. It was pretty impressive. The nest of the infection was gone. Thanks HP!”

Dan from Lagos: “I have 2 problems. The 1st is, each time I use 3% food grade 2 clean my face my eyes get irritated even tho I don’t let it come in contact with my eyes. The second is, I have been ingesting food grade HP since Dec 25th as prescribed in an ebook but none of my several health probs have been cured yet. My energy increased a few days into the treatment but later reduced til now. My teeth, eyes, ears etc still have probs till now. Do I have to take it for three months before noticing the 1st cure?”


Read more at: http://www.earthclinic.com/Remedies/hydrogen_peroxide5.html

Sorry, video’s are displayed double, don’t know why.




I tried to add some negative experiences as well, but I couldn’t find nearly as much as positive ones. So I have added a couple that I found.

Anyone who wants to give it a go and learn about the protocols for using Hydrogen Peroxide safely please download and read the following ebook: http://tinyurl.com/101readitpleaseh2o2

NOTE: I am not a medical professional, I do not use hydrogen peroxide myself. I simply share something which may have great benefits for our health, and people’s experiences. Before trying things like this, always do your research properly.


http://www.earthclinic.com/Remedies/hydrogen_peroxide.html  (peoples experiences)

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  1. Name* says:

    Is it a good idea to mix HP with coconut water? If it is, that’s a better option for me than distilled water. Any insight would be great. I have a feeling that HP might not be a good combination with coconut water, depending on what minerals there are and what not.

    • Ann says:

      Hey frank!
      I am not sure. I will ask someone who has been using HP for a long time and get back to you.

      • Ann says:

        “from what I’ve read, the reason distilled water is used is because it minimizes reactions that would use up the benefits you want. If you mix HP with something that has organic substances (minerals, vitamins, enzymes), the HP will get used up before giving you any benefits by killing bad stuff in your body or adding oxygen to your system.”

        “only mix with purified water, or chemical reactions will cause health problems!”

        “I utilize bottled water, low mineralization – so far, so good. It does not react with the HP.”

  2. Vicki says:

    H202 is really helping my fibromyalgia and arthritis. I am on my 2nd week of 35% Food Grade diluted 25 drops in 8 oz water.

    For the first time since I was a kid, I can wear regular shoes and go barefoot in the middle of the

    night w/o pain. My blood tests that I had last time, the doc was concerned about cholesterol, triglycerides,

    and my blood sugar. This time the nurse called me and said to put the phone on speaker and announced that all of my

    tests were perfect! We are backing down on some of my meds!

  3. Monika says:

    My husband and I have read the “One Minute Cure” book and have been taking h202 for a couple of years and have greatly benefited from it. We were introduced to it by a friend who had survived an abdominal aneurism because he’d been taking H202 prior (Specialist’s comment) and the rest of his body was in fantastic health. We have unlimited energy and my psoriasis has been cured after not being able to get rid of it for 30years. Joint help and foot fungus have also been eliminated. Many other benefits have come out of the woodwork so we’ll continue to use it…about 10 drops each a day in juice mixed with water (because of the taste – seems to work just fine.) Currently I’m trying to figure out how to use it on sort-of “burns” and severe rash from a recent procedure. I’ve started spraying it on the affected area as I normally had been doing every morning on my body. Any other tips out there? I can’t use it past noon in any form or I’m too energized to sleep at night. Love the H202…it has been a miracle cure for us! We’re in our mid 60s and very healthy as a result!

  4. click here says:

    Weblog moved out in chrom

  5. Helen Tracke says:

    Food grade or 35% H2O2 is an effective solution to bring your body into balance. This food grade potable water is armed with an extra serving of oxygen to help purify your body. Viruses, bacteria and parasites are no match for H2O2.

  6. rosie says:

    Chewing parsley after drinking the higher doses gets rid of the fould taste. Or suck Marmite Twiglets, both work well. Dont swallow.
    Has anyone heard of anyboby being cured of herpes on the protocol?
    There are many websites professing that h202 cures herpes as well as many other things. It would be wonderful if it were true.
    I am on 18 drops and general health good, more energetic and alert. Good stuff.

    • Penny says:

      It doesn’t cure herpes, but it keeps the attacks at bay. I know first hand. A good diet and lower stress also keep attacks at bay. Reduce grain, sugar, and dairy in the diet and this will reduce attacks and improve over all immunity and health. I know this first hand too.

  7. Marina says:

    Hoe long do I have to take h2o2 for treatment of RA. I do see results, my wrists almost normaL now( 2 month ago I could not do anything with my hands). But my feet are become worth. Anybody with the experience of using H2O2 Against RA can you tell how long will it Take to completely cure it. Is it possible. Thank you. Email me

  8. Casey says:

    Does anyone have any reviews on using theh2o
    To kill off severe candida and for weightloss
    And fertility ?

  9. Dana says:

    Can I do the h2 o2 cure if I am on blood pressure meds??

  10. Lakhwant says:

    I am taking blood pressure medecation and predison and methotrextrate for RA is it safe to drink hydrogen peroxide

  11. Julia says:

    I had chronic cold sore outbreaks (Herpes Type 1). I would have one or two new outbreaks a week. I tried the 31 day food grade hydrogen peroxide protocol, where you start with 3 drops 3x a day in 8 oz. of water on an empty stomach. Increase it by one drop each day until the 10 drop day, then increase by 2 until the 24 drop day. Do a 25 drop day, then decrease by the same amount you increased it by. It stopped the outbreaks by my 16 drop day. At the 25 drop day I had a knarly outbreak, was really having trouble tolerating the H2O2, but kept on, becaue I wanted to see if it would cure the herpes. Also, I started having a weird big pimple in strange places and that has slowed down. I finished the protocol. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I have not had a herpes blister, but I’ve had a few pimples (I guess that is better than the virus). Haven’t had the blood test yet to see if I still have the virus, but I suspect I do. Hope this helps. In the higher dosages, I saved a little clean water back to flush out my throat. This is serious stuff and has to be handled with gloves.

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