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Pintrest for Thinspo

If you have never heard of “Pintrest” before: it is a new social media which is on the rise and getting pretty popular. What you do is you can upload “pins” which are pictures, and you can add a few lines. People can comment on it, like it and “repin” it on their own page.
And if you have never heard of “Thinspo” before: it is short for: thinspiration, which are pics of skinny girls that girls use to “motivate’ themselves to loose weight and become as the skinny girls. It is thus pro starving yourself to look a certain way.

On Pintrest, there are a lot of pins about beauty and fashion, and there even seems to be a community dedicated to spreading thinspiration. The woman in some occasion simply look healthy and fit/athletic. But in more cases, they look sick, anorexic and malnourished. And we all know what that leads to: health and mental problems and eventually death.

The thinspo movement has young woman posting pics of themselves at their goal weight, which often means: underweight. Bones sticking out everywhere, while doing “modelesque” poses. To a lot brainwashed by the beauty industry, these things may start to seem “natural” and “healthy” and “desirable”, often

feetwithout even looking at what it would take to get to such a small size. There are very few individuals who are that thin while eating a healthy balanced diet to maintain their body. And that is the sad part. You only see the picture, but what is behind it is: insecurity, ego, fear, decaying body, narcissism etc… So it is crucial to check ourselves when we would want to aspire to look like this, why exactly we are doing so. And then look at if it is even healthy. Why slave for an unhealthy ideal just to look a certain way infront of others? Scared they wont like you otherwise? Or that you wont win the competition with other females? If that is so, and some people would indeed reject you for not being “the prettiest” or whatever… then good riddance. They should get some mental help aswell.










Obsessive self-examination and comparison is encouraged

The scrapbook nature of the site naturally lends itself to users who want to  isolate specific body parts to fixate on, such as jutting collar bones …

… and ominous gaps between models’ legs

Many users post pictures with Kate Moss’ infamous mantra, “Nothing tastes as  good as skinny feels.” (Moss has since disavowed the saying.)
Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/inside-pinterests-frightening-pro-anorexia-thinspo-cult-2012-3?op=1&fb_source=message#ixzz1uBkDF3fx

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Many users post pictures with Kate Moss' infamous mantra, "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels." (Moss has since disavowed the saying.)


Claire Mysko, of the National Eating Disorder Association, told ABCNews.com, “It  provides community in all the wrong ways. It only seeks to keep people  entrenched in self-destructive behavior.”
Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/inside-pinterests-frightening-pro-anorexia-thinspo-cult-2012-3?op=1&fb_source=message#ixzz1uBkLaKPC

Pinterest’s “thinspo” problem comes weeks after Tumblr, the photo-blogging  website, came under fire for providing a pro-anorexic online community to teens.
Pinterest's "thinspo" problem comes weeks after Tumblr, the photo-blogging website, came under fire for providing a pro-anorexic online community to teens.

Tumblr said they would remove the thinspo from the site on February 23, but this week, pro ana and thinso posts were still present.  “When a user  searches for tags like ‘anorexia,’ ‘anorexic,’ ‘bulimia,’ ‘bulimic,’  ‘thinspiration,’ ‘thinspo,’ ‘proana,’ ‘purge,’ ‘purging,’ etc., we would show  ‘PSA language.” Said Tumblr. That is not yet the case.

Is Tulblr to blame? Is Pintrest? These websites, and many more (facebook, myspace, youtube…) all give room for individuals to express themselves. But as we can see, we cannot take responsibility for our own actions. We deliberately post things that can mentally and physically (indirectly) harm others. We let our emotions run wild, and encourage others to join along in our self-destructive behavior. So I say, before we can let such things run free completely, we need a regulation that simply does not allow any such abuse, on any website. Because if it is just 1, it will just “jump” to another platform where it can roam freely. It is harmful and infectious. Girls will often “motivate” each other to comply to this destructive and shallow behavior, which otherwise they might not have done if there was not a whole “support” network behind it.  Girls posting their current body pictures, receiving comments that they are not good enough yet, not perfect enough, and should lose some extra weight. It would be entirely different if we would truly care about each others well being, and not judge someone on their weight. To want another to be healthy, to encourage them to be healthy physically and mentally. Then we wouldn’t go: You need to lose 10 more lbs. We would be like: how are you feeling? How is your health? Why do you feel so insecure about your body? etc… to truly help this other person instead of just feeding the obsession.


So am I pro banning this shit? Yes, I am. Pintrest already states:   “We do  not allow nudity or hateful content.”

Tumblr already has a policy against self-harm blogs.

A world of true freedom, it would be nice wouldn’t it. But as long as we continue to abuse ourselves and even drag others along with us, and often can’t even use our brains properly to realize that we are in fact abusing ourselves and others: we require restrictions.

For more info on thinspiration and pro-ana website, also read: http://earthreview.eu/2012/03/pro-ana-websites-the-truth/

Time to stand up for yourself and other’s. Do not allow the beauty industry or the programmed emotions within you to become self-destructive. If you notice another person struggling with this, don’t judge or lash out at them, don’t join them. Speak out about this and comfront them with the program running in their mind that is causing them to participate in this behavior. Together we must work on a world where beings are not programmed to be insecure and strive towards unhealthy images of perfection because of a profit driven beauty industry, or because of insecurities and desires to be seen a certain way by others. Because we cannot expect these things to go away, as long as we promote:


Here are some fun photo’s of woman who are not that thin, doing high fashion poses:


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  1. there is a sweet person says:

    There is a sweet person who might be anorexic but wont tell me so, however She told that She is not, and She has been busy thats why She was not active, on the other hand She did not answer what was she doing and stuff (i asked but she lies about it, however she speaks somewhat slowly compared to other americans i dont know what is her native language).

    Its likely that She had not admit it, since She also have som intense tanning or at least something if not photoshop, which is related to changing body towards some made up “ideal”.

  2. hello says:

    btw, how thin are you? how tall how much kg?

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