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What is Eckhart Tolle ACTUALLY Standing For?

A simple but radical spiritual practice is to accept whatever arises in the Now — within & without. ~E. Tolle

aiaiai, Tolle, what are you saying?!
Maybe I am missing some important context here. But many people can use this quote as a way to defend their self-intrest and lack of action.

Is it spiritual to accept that abuse on Earth? The corporate bosses exploiting resources and damaging the environment and animals, boosting superficial desires in consumers? The leaders who are doing things which are not best for all?
Why should we accept this creation of destruction and manipulation? Sure, accepting it will give you peace of mind. But it wont give your peace of mind if you were actually the one being abused. Tolle’s message seems to be for the elite, those who can live quite comfortably.
So I thought, maybe he means: to accept it as something that is here, but not accept it as: accepting it, and allowing it to be here without adressing it.
Because if we would accept it, as in: allowing it. Then we are allowing some serious destructive things.
They chop the amazone because they need to go along in the capitalist system… accept it
They starve because of the global economy… accept it
Animals are abused on massive scale to make profit… accept it
Children prostitute themselves in some countries in order to survive … accept it
Crime that comes from poverty, often creates crime in the countries contributing to the poverty, which then punish the crime not realizing their part in their creation… accept it
People get programmed to view each other as objects of lust, that have to fulfill a certain picture ideal… accept it
Your used as a slave to the consumption machine, and even pass this on to the children… accept it

Come on…

Let’s now look at “accept whatever arises WITHIN”.
We are programmed within a certain culture, people that surround us, media etc… this shapes our “inside”. Eventually this creates certain thoughts popping up in certain moments. It can be gossip, self-judgement or judgement of others, it can be sexual thoughts, or jealousy and so forth. It is not about “accepting” these thoughts. It is about realizing how they are programmed within us and re-aligning ourselves to do what is best for all and best for ourselves. Thus not blind acceptance, but self direction.

If Hitler or Bush said that quote, it would probably be a whole other story.
Never just accept a quote from someone you consider to be “spiritual” or “bigger and better”. Always investigate for yourself. Be your own leader.


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  1. Yerko says:

    Acept the Now, means this moment, not the situation of the world or the situation of your life in general or yout history.

    Acept the now is the only way to inteligently afect the world, by doing what is needed at every moment.

    Is because people is always running after the “next moment” that the actions lacks in the deepness for creating a real change.

    Quotes, by it self, don’t say a thing about the author or even the subject, cause of the lack of context.

    And even the most “powerfull” quote, at the end, is just a bunch of words, only through your-self can figure out the meaning of those words, not as a message or as a rule but as an inner dimension that is inteligent and alive, living from that dimension instead of exclusively the mental drama, is more important to create a change in the habits that transform your life in a mess and the life of others, and the enviroment in a mess.

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  3. jen says:

    ah, no. i think ann is misunderstanding the whole ‘acceptance’ thing.

    i cannot explain it any better than eckhart tolle, so i would recommend she study his philosophy further.

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