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The Business Behind Garbage

Someone send me an intresting graphic they designed , to present the business behind garbage. I thought it was worth sharing.

Garbage can become (and often is) a big problem on our planet. We have plastic garbage patches the size of the US floating around in our oceans, illnesses and infections from (poor) people trying to find usable items within a garbage patch or in countries striken by poverty who have no way to dispose of it all, health hazard for all as it gets into the food chain …

It is up to us to take responsibility for our consumption and behavior. Our over-consumption system only creates more and more waste. We are trained to desire many things, that don’t actually make our life any more meaningful or happier, we are just led to believe it does. We buy and buy, often replacing objects and items that are still fully functional (you really don’t need a new sofa every 2 years). To add to this, we often are inconsiderate of our impact on the environment or other people. We throw our used items into the wild or on the streets, as if it is nothing, as if we are not responsible. It is easy to hide in our modern day society, and it is easy to shift responsibility away from ourselves.
But to make our future better, and take care of the Earth for all that live on it including the coming generation, we will have to start living self-responsible.

So let us use the brains we have, and not blindly act without considering the consequences.



Created by: BusinessDegree.net

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